Hunting in the Netherlands

Hunting in the Netherlands

As descendants of hunters and collectors, hunting is still in our blood. Nowadays we are no longer on the hunt to be able to provide us with food, but it still drives a desire in us to go hunting. In this blog you can read more about hunting in the Netherlands and the rules around hunting in the Netherlands.

How do I become a hunter?

Not everyone is allowed to go hunting in the Netherlands. For hunting you must be in possession of a valid hunting certificate and furthermore it is also a requirement to be a member of the Wildlife Management Unit. The Wildlife Management Unit is a local hunting association that can also help you obtain a hunting diploma and weapons permit. The hunting certificate is also valid for 1 year and must be requested from the police.

In addition to obtaining the hunting certificate, there are a few general rules that apply to hunting in the Netherlands. For example, it is not allowed to hunt when you are under 18 years of age and if there may be fear of misuse of the weapon. Behave like a good hunter and show respect for the flora and fauna of the Netherlands.

Which animals can I hunt in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands you are allowed to hunt different animal species. These include the wild duck, hare, pheasant hen, pheasant rooster, wood pigeon and rabbit. For each species of game, a hunting season has been set up by the State Government to which every hunter must adhere. In the table below you will find an overview of the hunting season per animal:

MalleAugust 15January 31Half an hour before take-off and half an hour after demise
HaasOctober 15December 31Between sunrise and sunset
PheasanthenOctober 15December 31Between sunrise and sunset
Pheasant roosterOctober 15January 31Between sunrise and sunset
Wood pigeonOctober 15January 31Between sunrise and sunset
RabbitAugust 15January 31Between sunrise and sunset

Hunting outside the hunting season

In which cases can you hunt outside the hunting season? It may just happen that hunters are called in to control the population of large ungulates. These animals can cause nuisance or damage, and hunters are called in here by a Wildlife Management Unit to reduce the population of the large ungulates. This is not easy, you need a waiver or exemption under the Nature Protection Act.

Preparing for hunting

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